The CompanyAMP Recycling and the ILPA Group

AMP Recycling is a cutting-edge model in the processing of post-consumer PET. Its plants cover 22,000 m² out of a total surface area of 52,000 m² and they have latest-generation recycling lines and equipment.

I.L.P.A. Group has invested more than 20 million euros since 2012 in the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of the AMP Recycling plant. The company today has an innovative water treatment system in place and, thanks to the installation of an EFSA-approved decontamination system, produces Food Grade certified R-PET reels, pellets and flakes.

The CompanyThe ILPA Group

The ILPA Group leads the European scene of thermoformed plastic and bioplastic food packaging production as well as the semi-finished plastic products market for use in the agricultural-food segment and all other industrial sectors.

In addition to AMP Recycling, other two companies belong to the Group: ILIP S.r.l., among the main European players in the Foodservice Packaging, Fresh Produce Packaging and Fresh Food Packaging sectors and MP3 S.r.l., which is specialised in the supply of semi-finished plastic sheet and reels for thermoforming, both in traditional plastic and bioplastic.

Today, the ILPA Group serves more than 4,000 B2B customers in more than 58 countries across the globe.