Cleaning and extrusion of post-consumer PET

The washing process primarily involves the dry breakdown of the bales of bottles from post-consumer sorted waste collection, and their subsequent wet breakdown and hot washing inside a sieve cylinder. This is followed by the final automatic and manual selection and separation process, whereby any foreign materials and incompatible plastic materials are weeded out, and the remaining materials are separated by colour.
After the grinding stage, the resulting flakes are washed once more and they are subjected to a vigorous high-temperature friction process which, thanks to the subsequent rinsing phases in appropriate tanks, guarantees the elimination of any residual adhesives, labels and other foreign materials. After having been properly dried, the flakes are ground even finer and are sent on to the homogenization and storage stations. The entire process is managed and controlled by a highly-advanced monitoring unit, which is equipped with a complex recirculation system that considerably limits chemical, water and energy consumption by reusing the process waters as much as possible. The wastewater is subsequently treated in an in-house chemical-physical and biological wastewater treatment plant before being discharged into the public sewer system.
The flakes are then extruded.
The extrusion process consists in the transformation of the flakes into a sheet using a complex system which doses the raw material, brings it to high temperature, mechanically filters it in the molten state, and extrudes the mass through a flat head. The mass is then calendered using cylinders in order to obtain coils of sheets that are suitable for the subsequent thermoforming processes. The in-line electronic thickness control guarantees constant high-quality production.



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