Quality, environmental and safety policy


1. General considerations
In order to ensure the proper management of an Integrated System and the application of this Quality, Environment and Safety Policy, the General Management would like to request the cooperation of all the staff working for or on behalf of the Company, to whom it is committed to providing all the information required to convey the importance of their respective roles within the system itself.
The Quality, Environment and Safety System pursued by A.M.P. RECYCLING SRL is set forth as follows:

2. Policy
The General Management of A.M.P. RECYCLING SRL, in view of the market's increasing demand for consolidated quality standards, and convinced of the internal improvements that can be achieved via the development of a quality oriented culture, has decided to implement an integrated system compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards, the specific goal of which is to provide for the integrated certification of the company's two systems.
The Company's intent, therefore, is to address and resolve the issues associated with the pursuit of this goal by adopting appropriate operational means, creating a suitable environment for the proper performance of the activities, and, above all, empowering all the people who work for or on behalf of the company in a coordinated manner.
The Company's objective is to ensure that all the activities are performed efficiently and economically by implementing a Quality, Environment and Safety management system based on the following fundamental principles:

  1. Dedication to continuous research and the elimination of any non-conformities, with the conviction that defects can lead not only to a corrective measures (as well as the relative costs), but also to potential liabilities for any damages suffered;
  2. The pursuit of a constant and diligent collaboration with the company's suppliers, in order to maintain relationships based on mutual continuous growth in terms of quality and environmental protection;
  3. The pursuit of scrupulous and comprehensive staff training;
  4. The pursuit of a constant and diligent accident prevention policy through the implementation of suitable Staff training, the adoption of appropriate protection measures and the use of adequate signage;
  5. Compliance with the current legislation and the requirements of the Third Parties concerned;
  6. Providing all employees with the practical and theoretical means required in order to allow them to properly assess the actual and/or potential environmental impact of their activities;
  7. To employ its own human and material resources in efforts to continuously improve their environmental performance;
  8. The prevention and/or minimization of pollution, with the aim of ensuring "sustainable development";
  9. The monitoring of the significant environmental impacts highlighted in the Environmental Assessment and evaluated in the Register of Environmental Impacts, as well as the implementation of any necessary corrective or improvement measures;
  10. The formulation of environmental and Quality performance objectives, to be contained in the company's Improvement Plans.


In order to ensure that all activities are performed in accordance with the quality policy and satisfy the established objectives, the Management has appointed a Management Representative in charge of formalizing the Quality, Environment and Safety System and monitoring the application of its provisions, in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency.

The Management Representative possesses the organizational freedom and authority to carry out the following tasks:

  1. to promote any activities necessary to prevent the onset of any situations that do not comply with the provisions of the Integrated System
  2. to identify and record any significant Quality, Environment and Safety-related issues
  3. to propose, organize and initiate solutions through the established channels
  4. to verify the implementation of the agreed and established solutions.

The Management nevertheless would like to point out that all personnel working for or on behalf of the Company are responsible for the achievement of the aforementioned objectives, and that everyone is responsible for ensuring that the Quality, Environment and Safety System is actively implemented and continuously improved by motivated, responsible and professionally trained individuals.
The General Management is committed to assuming an active role in the promotion and organization of any activities affecting Quality, Environment and Safety through the dissemination of the Policy, at all levels, by displaying it on the bulletin board by the Time Clock.
Periodic assessments of the Policy's suitability, comprehensiveness and implementation shall also be carried out by requesting direct feedback, as well as by performing periodic reviews of the directly ascertained results, as wel as those recorded by the Management Representative.

A.M.P. RECYCLING SRL will also publish this Policy on the website http://www.ilpa-amp.it and send it, upon request, to any Third Parties Concerned.

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